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Wooden Cracked Dinosaur Egg Bowl

If you can’t tell due to some of my earlier posts I love to work with my lathe. I recently got a bunch of spalted maple from a friend and the wood came from a tree he had cut down in his back yard. I love finding creative ways to …

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Making A Hybrid Epoyx Pool Cue

As an avid pool player I have wanted to make to build a pool cue for some time now. With my experience using epoxy it was inevitable that it would be a an epoxy hybrid cue. This is going to be a custom butt section for the cue. Modern cues …

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Build A Portable Workbench For $100

When you are just starting to get into making of any kind especially woodworking one of the first things you will need is a workbench to give you a good platform to work on. Your workbench can also be one of the biggest issues in figuring out how to build …

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