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Making The Worlds Craziest Epoxy Cabinet

Storage, when you have plenty of it you never really think about the need of it. Once you are out of room for though it is the first thing on you mind. Having a way to properly store and organize not only in your shop but in your house, place …

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Making a Epoxy Aluminium Honeycomb Pen

Sometimes trying sometimes different is not such a bad thing it can teach you a lot and sometimes it can also be a lot of fun. We all know that in the woodworking world one of the more beginner level projects is a pen. Any wood turner will tell you …

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Do You Even Wall-Art?

One epoxy project I have been wanting to attempt for a long time now is wall art. Now this might sound easy to some people and in some ways I is less intensive and easier that larger projects like tables or pool cues. With that being said it is extremely …

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How To Make A Bandsaw Fence For under $50

If you own a bandsaw then you probably know and realize that one of the most useful  accessories you can have is a good fence. Having a good fence on your bandsaw will allow you to make quick more precise straight cuts and in my opinion makes things much easier …

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Making A Galaxy Inspired Epoxy Pen

One of the first projects most turners make is a pen. Pens are really a lot of fun to make and are a super satisfying project to complete. Not only are they quick and easy to make for the most part depending on the materials but they also are great …

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How Do You Make A Duck Call

Duck calls are one of the lathe projects that are extremely gratifying to make as well as them making great gifts for anyone you know who enjoys duck hunting. They are are also much simpler to make than you would believe and can be made as a very personal gift …

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