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You’ve Got To See This

Unboxing The i2R 8 CNC

If you have kept up with my projects for any time at all you know I am a massive gadget guy. I love new technology and tools. Some see these as a detachment from the past or “pure” woodworking. My thoughts are that they only enhance the quality and shear …

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Cool Stuff From Other Makers #4

With Cool Stuff From Other Makers today we have a Completely Wooden Bicycle. A Portable Miter saw Station that takes portability to a new extreme. I have seen a few attempts at making wooden bicycles online and most of them are really interesting but for the most part they all …

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Cool Stuff From Other Makers #3

Today with Cool Stuff From Other Makers we have an killer looking carbon fiber counter top. A beautiful epoxy river guitar that is a true work of art and some insanely satisfying machinery. If you are like me and work with epoxy you love seeing new and cool ways to …

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Making a Epoxy Aluminium Honeycomb Pen

Sometimes trying sometimes different is not such a bad thing it can teach you a lot and sometimes it can also be a lot of fun. We all know that in the woodworking world one of the more beginner level projects is a pen. Any wood turner will tell you …

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Do You Even Wall-Art?

One epoxy project I have been wanting to attempt for a long time now is wall art. Now this might sound easy to some people and in some ways I is less intensive and easier that larger projects like tables or pool cues. With that being said it is extremely …

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Cool Stuff From Other Makers is a weekly installment of cool projects, tips, tricks or just plain cool videos from other makers. Shop Hacks In this first video there are some great quick tips for the shop. Sometimes small tips like these are such time savers. The stick it note …

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