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Cool Stuff From Other Makers #8

Hey guys hope you are having a great week. We are back at it with more cool stuff from other makers. Where I share out a couple of videos on projects that I think are cool from other makers.

Photo/ Video Credit: Cammie’s Garage

First one for today comes from Cammie’s Garage On youtube this is pretty interesting build. I really do enjoy lathe projects and this is one that looks like it was a lot of fun and it turned into a really cool looking wood sculpture. After watching the video I might try to make something like this later on and maybe get some epoxy in on the deal and see what I can come up with.

Photo/ Video Credit:
MB Resin Art

For the next cool video I came across this nightlight designed to look like a flowing water faucet made by MB Resin Art . It is honestly a simple project but with a big punch. It looks really cool and would be a fun weekend build for someone wanting to try something new and interesting with epoxy. I like it may have to try some interesting stuff like this soon.

So I hope you found these videos kind of cool if not helpful. Maybe you will get some inspiration from these projects and you can come up with your own twist and make something really cool yourself. Check both Cammie’s Garage and MB Resin Art on youtube as well as go follow me on youtube Jpayne Woodworking now get out there and make it happen and I will see you on the next one!!

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