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Cool Stuff From Other Makers #6

Today on Cool Stuff From Other Makers we have an awesome epoxy driftwood vase. Some cool bamboo art and also a great looking plywood conference table.

If you are like me and love seeing cool projects with epoxy this is one you will not want to miss. From The Pohl Barn Productions . This driftwood epoxy vase looks just amazing and I would bet it would be a blast to make. Go check the channel out.

Photo video credit: The Pohl Barn Productions

Next is such an interesting video. Bamboo is a material that is not used as much in american woodworking but it is amazing to see something made completely by hand. Seeing the process really makes you appreciate how much work goes into works of art such as this. Check out Woodworking Enthusiasts for more interesting videos like this.

Photo video credit: Woodworking Enthusiasts

As a woodworker I always like seeing something cool being made from an ordinary material. This plywood conference table is a great example of that and Chris Salomone did a great job on this project. Go check out his channel and what he has going on.

Photo video credit: Chris Salomone

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