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Cool Stuff From Other Makers #2

Today for Cool Stuff From Other Makers We have a really interesting hand made folding stool. As well as restoring an older sightly used hand drill.

The thing that makes this stool so interesting is that it is made completely with a hand tool and a chisel and no fasteners. It is a cool compact design and is mesmerizing to watch. Go check out the video on the channel Esophagus .

Photo and video credit: Esophagus

If you like to restore things like hand planes and other hand tools you will love the next video. In this video it takes you through the process of restoring an old  Hitachi electric drill. The process is really cool to watch as most people do not even know that a hand drill has that many working and moving parts. If you enjoy restoration and seeing thing like this come back to life check out Gear show
on youtube.

Photo and video credit : Gear Show

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