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New Tiny Home/ Shop Tour and Plans, Moving The Loft

So if the news is not out yet I am super excited to announce that I will be moving into a new shop soon. If you did not know I have been working out of an 8ft by 12ft shop for the last few months. Working out of such a small space has always been a very unique experience. To start with it is hard to do any larger projects or even multiple small projects at one time.

I had ran out of room to say the least. Not only had I ran out of room with tools and just work area in general , I want to move toward doing larger projects and things of that nature. So with that in mind I started looking for a larger shop. At first I looked at one around a 10 or 12 by 20 and after looking at multiple times and weighing my options I decided that I really wanted to try for something bigger. I came across a good deal on a 12 by 32 this is way large than my current shop. I decided to take a leap and go for the upgrade.

I took about a week before the building could get delivered and set up. I was so excited I could not wait it get into the building and get to working. First though there would be a lot of work that would have to be done. I came up with this layout.

While this is not the finished layout it does give you an idea of how it will look and also were some of the tools will be positioned. This is a much larger space but it is still by no means huge. So like with most shops space is at a premium. With this in mind almost everything will be on casters. This makes them all mobile and can be moved as needed. Also you will notice that the building also has a loft in the rear as well as a loft above the porch.

The plan will be to move the rear loft to the front of the building and lift it level with the smaller loft over the porch. This will open up the work area in the rear of the building and also allow for a sleeping quarters in the new larger loft.

I started off by dismantling the rear loft. The entire loft was constructed with nails not screws as some people would think. So a pry bar and some hammers do the trick really well.

With the loft taken down there were a lot of nails to remove from the boards. Then the boards that would become the floor joists for the new loft needed to be cut down to fit into the narrower space up front . One end of the joists are already at an angle from being used in the rear loft but the other ends needed to be cut to the proper length and angle. I also had to make small braces to help support the joists on each side of the joist.

After all of the joists were nailed into place it was a simple matter of placing the flooring for the loft onto the joists and nailing it into place. The loft is now moved and ready for the next step. The loft will be closed off with either a trap door or a sliding door im not sure as of yet.

This is going to be an ongoing project for some time but I cannot wait to get more done on it. Making something like this building into an awesome tiny home/ workshop is going to be so much fun as well as there will be some great plans that come from the projects if you guys would be interested. Thanks for reading and I will see you on the next one.

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