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Cool Stuff From Other Makers #7

On today’s cool stuff from other makers I thought you guys would want to get a bit mechanical. With a hand build tiny electric boxer engine that really works. Then a bit old school with building a viking house with only hand tools.

Photo video credit: Maker B

This I thought was a really cool little project with all of the machining being done on a midi metal lathe this little boxer engine is then powered with a simple electrical design. What do you guys think? I think its a coll piece of small engineering. Check out Maker B on YouTube and see what other stuff he is working on.

Photo video credit: TA Outdoors

I love watching videos of people building things in ways most people do not think of doing. Well this fits that bill perfectly. This is only part one of TA Outdoors video on building a viking house using only had tools. This looks like a ton of work but I am sure its extremely satisfying once its done. Go check them out for more on this process and more. Just click there name above.

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Cover photo credit: Maker B

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