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Cool Stuff From Other Makers #4

With Cool Stuff From Other Makers today we have a Completely Wooden Bicycle. A Portable Miter saw Station that takes portability to a new extreme.

I have seen a few attempts at making wooden bicycles online and most of them are really interesting but for the most part they all still use standard bike parts. Things like the wheels, the seat the chain and gears are all usually still made from metal. While having a wood frame is still a wooden bicycle this takes things to a whole new level. This bike is almost entirely wood. While some small things needed to be added with metal to strengthen them that is OK. In my opinion this looks amazing and is definitely cool.

Go Check out The Q YouTube channel for more crazy projects from him.

Photo and Video Credit : The Q

Miter saws are one of the most used tools in a wood shop in most cases they make smaller cuts and cross cuts quick, easy and accurate. What if you could take your miter saw with you whenever you have a project going somewhere other than at home. Well here you go!

This is a really interesting build go check out Modern Builds for more .

Photo and Video Credit : Modern Builds

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