Mountain and Deer Skull Corn Hole Board Design



(DOWNLOADABLE FILE) This v-carve file if for the mountain and deer skull cornhole board design. This also features a lettering that can easily be changed inside of v-carve to allow for full customization with names, states, and more. This this design is ready to use just simply adjust the thickness of your material and recalculate the toolpaths. The cuts are made using a 1/4″ end mill for flat area clearance and the hole and a 90 deg V bit for the final pass. Below is the link to making the exact boards made using this design but will work on any cornhole board set you would like to make and engrave. This design is build on a standard 24″ x 48″ base.  Thank you and enjoy!  Please note there is a 3 download limit to prevent fraudulent use of the file. Feel free to contact me with any issues.


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